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Email: general@mdypump.com

Call Center: +86 18551821908 (whatsapp available)

Address: HuiGang Pioneer Park,                No. 19 Pusi Road, Nanjing, 210032, China  

Call Center: +86 18551821908

Contact person: Amy Wang


Website Registration/License: mdypump.com    Jiangsu ICP No.17075856-1  powered by 300.cn   nanjing.300.cn

Nanjing Mineddy Medical Equipment Co., Ltd      You Better Medical Supplies Co., Ltd

Service Commitments

Mineddy provides lifetime service

Complaint Procedure

The general process to deal with customer’s feedback is as follows

When the warranty period is expired,or the following situations, services will 
be charged at reasonable cost and it should be born by the user

Warranty Exemptions

Warranty Statement

According to the warranty card enclosed in the packing box, the corresponding
free warranty period is provided for the main unit from the date of Ex-factory

Return Procedure

Before any products need to be returned to Mineddy, the following procedures 
should be carried out

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